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This is my first blog post, so I thought I'd get the gun rolling with useful information any webmaster with a stiff budget can use.  I'm going to explain what techniques are best in the order of least preferred to most desired.  Read up and take it all in, it's actually very easy stuff!

6 July 2014
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cPanel has released a new version of EasyApache Update. The release addresses many previous vulnerabilities and people are encouraged to update their PHP versions to the latest 5.4.30 for versions 5.4 and 5.5.14 for the latest 5.5.

The NIST has given the addressed vulnerabilities ratings...

30 June 2014

Finally finished my website. Took me a while, but everything's how I want it. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, so feel free to shoot me a comment or email.

Most of you already know I've been trimming down what services I'll be offering. I'm slowly gearing this website to be mostly...

1 March 2013

Today, I've finalized the new style of my website. A lot has been changed, and I'll use this post to get you all caught up. I've been lacking quite a bit in posting on my blog, but now you know why. My new website design is faster, better looking, and provides even more functionality than before.

8 October 2012

There're a many number of website monitoring tools, but one of them sticks out rather well, and has prompted this young webmaster to write up a complimentary review to praise such a relatively new service. I am of course speaking of Status Cake.

4 May 2012

If you haven't heard of Hostbill, it's a billing script primarily intended for web hosts to bill their clients. I use Hostbill for some of my websites. I'm going to use this page to outline my feature requests I'd like to see in future releases.

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